Dr. Dawn Brown


Dr. Dawn Brown received a medical degree from the original founding school of osteopathy, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.   She then completed her hospital training at Sun Coast Hospital in Florida, and moved back to California where she has been in private practice since 2006.  Dr. Dawn has been adjunct faculty at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, CA since 2007.

Since she was a child, Dr. Dawn had a fascination with the human body and its functioning, later becoming more specifically interested in the interplay between the psyche and biology.  This interest led her to complete an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Pomona College.   Following undergrad, Dr. Dawn first heard about osteopathic medicine from her dad, who had worked as an aerospace engineer.  Though she had previously explored following in her dad’s footsteps by going into engineering and working at Boeing, she soon discovered that what she really wanted to do was bring her scientific background and love of understanding the human body into a field where she could work with people.

Dr. Dawn felt a deep resonance with the philosophy and principles of osteopathic medicine, which include that the human being is a whole unit comprised of spirit, mind, and body.  And thus she began her journey into becoming an osteopathic physician.

Having grown up spending time in the eastern Sierras every year, Dr. Dawn experienced a deep love of the natural world.   She found biodynamic osteopathy during her second year of medical school, which teaches one to examine the health of an individual within relationship to the natural world.  Dr. Dawn’s experiences using biodynamic osteopathy with patients as a student and during her hospital training inspired her to specialize in osteopathic manual medicine.


Dr. Brown’s health care interests have led her to conduct research for NASA, Boeing, and Alfigen Genetics Institute, on Midline Orientation toward Light, Variables of Acoustic Sensitivity, and The Mutability of Prenatal Genetic Mapping, respectively.  In her training prior to medical school, Dawn worked with individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder, traumatic brain injury patients, and assisted in clinics for developmentally disabled youth in South America.

In addition to osteopathic medicine, Dr. Dawn has trained in Eastern energetic sciences and movement practices, including pranic healing, meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi, and Qi-Gong.  She studied anthroposophical medicine through IPMT and later with her mentor Thomas Cowan, M.D.  She completed a 5-year training program in Spacial Dynamics to further her study of movement and the awareness of how we use and live in our space.

As a former collegiate athlete, Pilates instructor and an elite basketball skills coach, Dr. Dawn has developed a keen sense for the structure and function of the body as an expression of health in the whole person, further enhanced by her training in Spacial Dynamics.  She enjoys working with athletes to optimize performance and maximize recovery rates from injuries.

Ultimately, Dr. Brown’s practice is to celebrate the Health that exists within all her patients.  She’s honored to work with a diverse general population including adults of all ages, pregnant women, newborns, growing children, and our youth.
For more information on Dr. Brown, please visit her website at www.wellspringcenterofhealth.com.