Dr. Runa Basu

DR. RUNA BASU, D.O. has been in private practice since 1997.  Her practice is best described as integrating osteopathy in the cranial field with her background and training in internal medicine, constitutional homeopathy, nutrition and supplements.  She began her practice in San Francisco with her mentor and teacher, Dr. Eliott Blackman, D.O.  In 2004 she moved her practice to the East Bay.  For the first seven years she concurrently worked as a hospitalist at Summit Medical Center.

Whole Person Healthcare
Dr. Basu was drawn to osteopathic medicine while she was at an osteopathic conference where some basic tenets of osteopathy were described.  She recalls hearing the body is a unit and has the ability to heal itself. With that knowledge she pursued her studies of osteopathic medicine as a holistic approach to healthcare that is empathetic to the physical and spiritual dimensions of her patients.

Presently, Dr. Basu specializes in holistic healthcare with a focus on cranial and biodynamic osteopathic diagnosis and treatment.

Degrees, Certificates and Training
• Extensive post-graduate training in Cranial and Biodynamic Osteopathy
• Training in Dental and Vision Care
• Board Certified in Internal Medicine
• Hospitalist at Summit Medical Center 1997 – 2004
• Residency in Primary Care and Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
• Doctorate of Osteopathy from The College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific
• Four year Comprehensive Training at Hahnemann College of Homeopathy

  • Post-certificate training in India

• Certified Yoga Teacher through Krishnamachariya Yoga Mandiram
• Ongoing training in Nutrition and Ecological Leadership
• Member of Professional Organizations including AOA, AAO, Cranial Academy, The American College of Physicians, and Teleosis Institute

Hands On Practice
Her practice is primarily hands on, where her patients are recipients of her extensive training in multiple modalities.  With clear and developed diagnostic osteopathic manual skills, Dr. Basu has helped numerous patients through patient education and empowerment while sitting with and in the Health of the patient.

She treats both adults and children and is honored and humbled to be part of your healing process.

Ecology and Osteopathy
Dr. Basu is innately concerned with the health of the natural world, which she sees as integral to our quality of health as individuals and communities.  She has established a carbon sensitive office.

Drawing on the language used in osteopathy she believes that, “We can be present with the Breath of Life, The Tide, and the Potency as it moves through us and reflected to us in permaculture principles of: Care of the Earth, Care of People and ultimately Fair Share – sharing the abundance of health – with our respective communities.”  You can learn more about ecology and osteopathy here.

Complexity and Thorough Integration
Dr. Basu’s experience and training is particularly suited to helping patients with an integral approach to healing.  Her patients often enough have a variety of conditions and concerns.  Using awareness developed through years of study and practice in multiple modalities Dr. Basu is thorough, empathetic and skilled at discovering root causes and relationships.

Although she does not currently function as a primary care physician, Dr. Basu is happy to consult with your primary care provider.  The initial 1½-hour consultation usually involves obtaining a review of your medical history, and a brief physical exam with osteopathic diagnosis and subsequent hands on osteopathic treatment.