Eco-Friendly Office



Steps we have taken in our eco-friendly office:
1) As you enter, note that the awning and bench were built from recycled redwood
2) Radiant heat that will soon be connected to solar
3) Jean (recycled denim) insulation
4) Bamboo floors with non-toxic/low-impact adhesive and subfloors
5) Cord floor in the kitchen and margoleum in the bathroom.
6) LED lighting or compact fluorescent light bulbs
7) Low flow water valves
8) Greywater for laundry room
9) 80% refurbished & recycled furniture
10) Hemp & organic curtains
11) Bamboo curtain rods
12) Recycle paper and decrease of paper use with online scheduling
13) We are a certified green business
14) We promote nutrient dense, local organic, sustainable food & diets