After a Treatment


Post-Treatment Recommendations:

An osteopathic treatment will actively go on in your body for up to three days after you leave the office.  The process starts while you are on the table being treated, but goes on long after you leave the office.

Immediately following a treatment it is good to go for a walk to feel yourself in your body and ground the treatment.  It also will improve your circulation.  It is also good to drink plenty of water, (more than usual, even if you are a good water drinker), ensuring that you are adequately hydrated.  Your body is about 55-60% water, your brain about 85% water, and the functioning of your nervous system depends on a well-hydrated cellular environment.  Furthermore, if you are dehydrated your muscles will tend to be achier.  Remember that caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating to the body.

Try not to motion test your body after the treatment to see if things have changed.  Your body may interpret this as a potential re-injury and reflexively tighten everything up again (Instead, you may want focus on allowing yourself to see new areas of space and freedom in your body, and/or allowing your body to clear and reset old, imprinted patterns).

After your treatment, you may feel more inclined to rest, and mentally may feel more inwardly focused and reflective.  Please allow your body and mind to rest.  We recommend if possible that you wait to engage in strenuous physical or mental activity for a day or two after the treatment.  We also recommend that you refrain from having another type of treatment or “bodywork” right after this treatment.  Too much of a good thing is still too much for your changing, healing body, mind and spirit.

You may notice your body adjusting itself after a treatment.  You may notice your neck or back popping or clicking as your body self-corrects.  Sometimes there is a temporary increase in soreness or achiness in your body before it resolves and clears.  Also, you may experience variable periods of fatigue or high energy as your body moves towards a new equilibrium in the first few days after a treatment.  Allow your self to rest or get extra sleep if you feel that you need it.  It is also possible to have emotional ups and downs or mood swings, so remember to be gentle with yourself.

Try to remember that these post-treatment experiences are not bad and are usually a sign that our body is working on its own healing.  Also, it is helpful to eat plenty of vital, nourishing foods (i.e.- high vitamin and mineral content foods) to support you in your healing.  Mineral salt baths can also help release old energies and support the healing process.

You may experience positive results after the first treatment.  Sometimes it can take a series of treatments, say for several weeks, before we can determine whether or not this work will be of help for you.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or reflections on your treatment.

In Health, Dr. Runa Basu and Dr. Dawn Brown Davis